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From the time Christ demonstrated what a person can be, our dissatisfaction with what we are has become torturous.
Jose Porfirio Miranda
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One of my favorite spots growing up was a section of woods outside of Bon Aqua, Tennessee. My father heard about it and searched until he found it. Once he found it, he called it Valley of the Dragonshead.

With a mythical name like that, you know that it must of been quite a place, and it was. It was a deep valley that was difficult to hike into and you can imagine the hike out was terrible. But once you where in the valley, there was a coolness from the creek that ran through the valley. There was a spring that provded clean water. We loved that valley.

The valleys in our lives are usually contrasted with the 'mountaintops.' I learned though, in the Valley of the Dragonshead that it was the valley that shaped me, not the top of the hills.

During Lent, we enter into the valley with Christ. These are tough days ahead for our Savior, yet, they are defining moments.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 and we study the defining moments of Jesus' life.

Pastor John