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Depth of John 3 | Pastor's Blog | Gardendale Nazarene

Depth of John 3

I can remember as a college student when I first encountered the true depth of the third chapter of John. In the eighteen years since college, this chapter has only grown deeper for me.

John 3:16 comes in the midst of this great chapter. I know this is an obvious statement, but the popularity of this verse seems to remove it from the larger story of chapter 3. Many of us see verse 16 as a standalone verse. Let's look at one of the central characters of this chapter.

Chapter 3 begins with the entrance of Nicodemus. Nicodemus comes at night to speak to Jesus. He is a pharisee, one who is well versed in the conversations of faith. He has this religion-thing figured out.

However, it doesn't take long in the conversation for us to see that Nicodemus is in the dark concerning this conversation with Jesus. "How can these things be?", he asks.
  • How many time do we approach Jesus like Nicodemus?
  • How many times do we come to Jesus as one who is learned?
  • How often do we think we have it figured out when Jesus is wanting to speak truth into our lives?

Look at what Jesus says in verse 12, " If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?"

Another way to say this is, "I want to have heaven-centered conversations with you, yet you are not open to even the earth-centered conversations."

I hope we can find the ability to open ourselves to the heaven-centered conversations Jesus wants to have with us.

Here is my prayer for us- Lord, I know that many times I come to You missing the humility of your servant. I pray that I open myself to what You want to do show me. Lord, open my ears to Your heaven-centered words. Amen.