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The Adventure

Last night, NBC continued a new holiday tradition. Last year, they began this tradition with a live performance of The Sound of Music. This year, millions watched Peter Pan.

A couple nights ago, Heather and I watched some clips of the cast learning to fly for last night’s performance. It was amusing to see the first time they strapped on a harness and the cables hoisted them off the floor.

In the midst of these clips, one the directors spoke about the role of flying in the story of Peter Pan. Peter was calling the children to an adventure and their ability to follow him out of the window was an act of trust. This was a wild adventure and they had to trust in order to follow. Flying was the symbol of that trust and their 'childlike faith' helped them follow.

The life of faith is an adventure that calls us follow with a great amount trust. Stanley Hauerwas writes, “When we are baptized, we (like the first disciples) jump on a moving train. As disciples, we do not so much accept a creed, or come to a clear sense of self-understanding by which we know this or that with utter certitude. We become part of a journey that began long before we got here and shall continue long after we are gone.”

This Sunday, we will be looking at Mary’s song (The Magnificat). In this great passage, Mary sees the adventure that lays ahead of creation. How does she approach this new adventure? She approaches what is going on in her womb with a great amount of faith! God is working in a new way- and she invites us to jump on the moving train with her! Come and join the adventure!