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Brokenness of Christ

I turn again today to Living the Christian Year. Bobby Gross writes, “On this holiest of holy days, we are transfixed by Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross. We experience a range of emotions: sadness, reverence, astonishment, gratitude. Why? Because we understand that what Jesus endured was for us and instead of us. He was wounded for our transgressions and he died for our sins–by the will of the Father and by his own will. His suffering exceeds our imagination and his motive goes beyond our comprehension. We are simultaneously dismayed and grateful: his torn flesh makes us whole, his bruises bring us healing, and his death gives us life.”

Last night as I had the opportunity to pray with many of you at our communion service, I was reminded of a post from one of my friends, Christa Klosterman, from seminary. She captures, in a beautiful way, the connection between the Upper Room and the events of Good Friday.

“When I moved into the parsonage, I became the caretaker for the 20-year-old Concord grape vine in the backyard. This past weekend, with my mom's help and wisdom, I made communion juice for both of my congregations for the coming year. The juicer I used heats water under the grapes and ‘steams' them until they break open, thus releasing the sweet juice. At the end there is also some stirring and mashing to get all the juice out of those grapes. I don't think I will ever serve communion the same way again. Broken and poured out is the goal of the juice making process and a visual reminder of this peculiar plan God has for rescuing the world through a broken, defeated body. You can't get to that sweet and tasty juice without the breaking. Perhaps there is a drawback to buying communion elements ready-made at the store?”

I love the connection this imagery makes between Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Grace is demonstrated in the brokenness. Today is the day we remember that we are given life through the brokenness of our Savior.