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This summer, we find ourselves working our way through Romans. On the first Sunday of this series, I gave the account of three times in history that a study of Romans was influential in changing the church.

Romans was a significant catalyst for Martin Luther in the Protestant Reformation. It was in a reading of Luther's preface to Romans that John Wesley finally heard the voice of God and found 'his heart strangely warmed'. It was in war-torn Europe that a pastor of a little church in Switzerland had his eyes opened to the beauty of Scripture through reading Romans. Karl Barth went on to be an instrumental leader in the Confessing Church in Germany, which actively opposed Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime.

Romans is a powerful book. Romans is a life-changing book that God has used for centuries to change the hearts of believers and to change the world and His Church.

As we study this book, I invite you to join us for this important sermon series. Join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 for worship and the preaching of the Word.